Sunday, 18 March 2018


It's been a while since I've drawn Serge. I was about to post a drawing on here yesterday then I noticed if I waited until today it would be 5 YEARS since the last post! Here's a new drawing - originally drawn in my sketchbook with ballpoint pen and colour pencil and then coloured in Procreate on the iPad Pro. If anyone else fancies drawing Serge then send them in (contact details to the right).

Monday, 18 March 2013

Nick Oliver

Nick is an illustrator with a great line in caricatures from the UK (Wigan to be precise). Click HERE to see more.

Angelica East

A Serge all the way from Australia! Angelica's Tumblr is HERE and can be found on Twitter HERE.

Timothy J Andrew

Timothy J Andrew is a fine arts student studying at Massey University, New Zealand. In his own words "My dog is always happy to see me, for this I am invincible." Can't say fairer than that! His Tumblr is HERE.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Chris Kasch 2

Here's a second Serge from Chris Kasch with a very Gainsbourg-esque play on words. A slight change to change to his trademark style but no less striking. Click HERE to see more of his brilliant work.

More Serges to come soon!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Joann Sfar

I've been busy recently so I haven't been paying the attention I should do to Draw Serge but I'm about to remedy that in quite a spectacular fashion. Today's contribution ("The Evolution of Gainsbourg") comes from no other than Joann Sfar! If you're a Gainsbourg fan and a regular visitor to this blog and you don't know who Joann Sfar is then you should be ashamed!

This pic was procured for me by the brilliant Joe Decie. Merci, Joe!

Monday, 15 October 2012

"Draw Serge" at Le Truc, Birmingham - 14/10/2012

Here's some photographs from yesterday's "Draw Serge" event at Le Truc in Birmingham yesterday. It was part of the excellent Eye Candy Festival and the Birmingham Zine Fest.
Top to bottom, left to right - Dan Berry, Lizz Lunney, Den Barry, Jonathan Edwards, David Setter, Julian Kimmings, unknown, Matt "8bit" Macabre, unknown (The two unknown artists are staff from Le Truc. If anyone can send me their names I'll credit them accordingly).

Here's some more photos of the day courtesy of Felt Mistress.

A big thank you to all the artists involved and to Le Truc for hosting the event and keeping us all fed and watered all day.

Next - Draw Serge LIVE ON ICE!(not really).