Thursday, 2 July 2009


Jerzovskaja is an illustrator and designer based in Switzerland. He submitted 5, yes FIVE, versions of this incredible Serge portrait before he eventually arrived at one he was happy with. He'd entered a Gainsbourg trance to such a degree that at some points he was referring to me as "Serge"! Thankfully, he's documented the entire process on his blog.

Jerzovskaja is also responsible for curating (along with Beach) the amazing Football Heroes books (which I have been lucky enough to contribute to). They're beautiful, lavishly illustrated tomes which are a joy to look through even if you're not interested in football.

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  1. If your overtempered brain gets out of focus in an overtemperatured studio, then you get results like this. Turning sligthly mad by "sergeing" for the right form. Shalalala! Shoobidoo...